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The best types of bathroom sets in Egypt 2022

The best types of bathroom sets in Egypt 2022.. Offers and prices

The best types of bathroom sets in Egypt 2022

Browse the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt 2022 , our large collection of modern bathroom accessories .

which will give your bathroom the finishing touch, elegant and exquisite that he needs to stand out and attractive, Our contemporary collection consists of mirrors, towel holders, soap dispensers, wire baskets, To find what works for you, Via Primo Store, The first store in Egypt that provides you with a lot of household items, and funky bathroom sets , And many other products that make life easier for you, Follow us to find out.


The best types of bathroom sets in Egypt

Searching for the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt requires finding the bathroom set that suits your style and taste, So consider its size, And if you are trying to install a matching liquid soap dispenser, dish soap, toothbrush holder, Otherwise, write down the dimensions. in addition to, If you are an electric toothbrush user, You will need to make sure that the holder itself can accommodate the size of the brush, For more bathroom sets , see the most important Primo Store products.


Modern bathroom sets

Think about the style of your bathroom before choosing the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt and ask yourself, are they modern and elegant? Is it similar to a spa? Larger piece finishes (such as flooring, shower tiles, and vanity items) can help you choose the bathroom combination that best fits your space, and then, Jot down the little things you can upgrade with an accessory set, Keep in mind what you want for storage as well as pure decoration, And from here, You can specify the size of the set you need where (some come in four, six or eight different identical pieces), And start choosing the most suitable bathroom set from our catalog.


bathroom accessories set

Whether you’re decorating a beach house or just want to feel permanently like you’re on a tropical vacation, This group of the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt fit the bill, And the bright color will match perfectly with the wood accessories of doors, etc., And you can buy each piece separately, and choose to mix and match with soap dispenser, mug, and tray, tissue box cover, and wastebasket according to your needs.

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Right View Double Soap Dispenser

bathroom cleaning kit

Some materials are easier to clean than others. From mindless toothpaste to soap drops, It may take some effort to keep your bathroom set looking as good as new, Where plastic bathroom sets can be easily wiped with a damp cloth, While ceramic, wood, or stoneware may require more cleaning, So be sure to buy the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt through our website.

black bathroom set

5 piece bathroom set with palm

Bathroom set made of a durable and waterproof blend of sandstone and resin, This collection has a modern and versatile appeal, The lower part of each piece is decorated with brushed nickel, It is finished with a rubber grip to stay in place on smooth floors or counters. Toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion pump, wastebasket and tissue box lid set or get the whole set.

Bathroom Set-5 Pieces- From Primanova
Bathroom Set-5 Pieces- From Primanova

gray bathroom sets


An array of wood accents such as bathroom accessories create a natural ambiance, This five-piece set features clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic. It is made of sustainable bamboo, toothbrush holder, And a double soap dispenser , a trinket tray, a trash can, a small lidded box for cotton swabs, bits of dental floss, or anything else you want to reach, you can get this set in our store.

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Colorful bathroom sets

Bathroom set 5 pieces Nely model from Primanova

Elegance 3 or 5 piece bathroom sets with litter box, toilet brush, liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and soap tray / unique bathroom decor, With her bathrooms seem like a magnet for clutter – no matter how organized you are, There is always something a bathroom needs in your home, This is one of the reasons bathroom sets are so popular – they provide a coordinated and elegant way to conveniently supply bathroom essentials.

Bathroom set 5 pieces Nely model from Primanova
Bathroom set 5 pieces Nely model from Primanova

Primanova Lenox Bathroom Set 5 Pieces – Gold Frame


Take control and make a bathroom makeover when you shop at Primo Store for bathroom sets of all kinds – it’s the stylish way to keep the essentials close at hand. Get inspired with us, Browse the site at any time for certain elegant ideas and solutions that increase your style quotient; And when you find what you like, Order using your tablet or smartphone and enjoy with us the best materials and household items.

Primanova Lenox Bathroom Set 5 Pieces - Gold Frame
Primanova Lenox Bathroom Set 5 Pieces – Gold Frame

How do you clean bathroom accessories?

Preserve the beauty of your bathroom accessories by using a drop of dish soap and warm water to clean them, Depending on the type of material, You should use a soft, non-abrasive cloth in the mixture. And using toothpaste and soap residues that may have accumulated, And for chrome accessories, Use a vinegar and water mixture to keep it shiny.


Assorted bathroom mirrors

Fix your makeup like a professional stylist. Examine your teeth and add depth to your decor with a mirror. We have gold and silver patterns and more ornate patterns with beveled edges, The makeup mirrors also provide magnification and illumination so you can see every pore.



The trash can may not be the most elegant piece of your space. But no bathroom is complete without a beautiful Turkish basket, in Primo Store, Our trash cans range from art deco inspired gold patterns to modern chrome patterns. We also have a range of tiered trash cans that allow you to dispose of your trash without touching anything, They are especially useful in shared bathrooms.

Turkish basket with black pedal
Turkish basket with black pedal

Finally, whether you are newly decorating your bathroom, or looking to renovate your home, or need some storage solutions, Or you want to create a more cohesive and luxurious ambiance, Nothing will do the trick quite like designer bathroom sets, Where so much goes into planning your space and sometimes you forget the most important pieces, Like: Items that will hold all of your bathroom necessities as this can include soap, etc., or anything in between, Like cutting storage.

However, There are plenty of options on the market to treat your bathroom storage problems, however, Not all of them have the same appearance.

We have designer kits, From fine marble to luxurious glassware, There is something for everyone. Incorporating the best types of bathroom sets in Egypt 2022, especially new bathroom accessories or a set of matching bathroom accessories, is one of the fastest ways to create a new atmosphere in a place, To get a new bath towel from here, A hand towel rail can be the quickest way to give your room a much-needed makeover. To this end, In this article, we brought you the best sets and collected the coolest examples of bathroom boxes, toothbrush holders and soap dishes, and in case you want to see more of them, Don’t forget to watch it on the store.

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