Digital Kitchen Scale – 10 Kg

125 EGP

Digital Kitchen Scale – 10 Kg

  • Electronic vegetable weigher weighing up to 10 kg from purchases
  • Useful to check the weight of purchases to avoid cheating sellers. It can be taken to the market due to its small size
  • Meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be weighed
  • It can be used to prepare foods that require specific quantities

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Digital Kitchen Scale - 10 Kg 125 EGP


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digital kitchen scale

  • digital electronics for vegetable balancing, Weigh up to 10 kg of purchases
  • It is very useful to ensure the weight of the purchases to avoid fraud and some sellers can be taken to the market because it is small in size.
  • Weight can be meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • It can also be used while preparing some recipes that require precise amounts.
  • Well suited to use for companies with shuttle service demand, Like a kilogram of laundry work, Mail , Shipping

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