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Household appliances in Egypt

Household appliances for the kitchen in Egypt.. Pictures and prices

Household appliances in Egypt

Looking for household appliances in Egypt, So, of course, yes. It’s one of those things that you love, But most people get confused when buying kitchen gadgets – but the good news is, If you are here browsing Primo Star, You are probably already in the right store.

But are you a beginner in the kitchen? Or a seasoned professional striving to create restaurant-quality fare? With us rest assured anyway, Because no matter your skill level, There is always a chance to advance in the kitchen, To achieve maximum success, But it is necessary to simplify the culinary experience as much as possible – with the tools to do it.

Read on to learn about some of our favorite kitchen gadgets, From tools you didn’t know you needed to essentials you didn’t know existed, whether designed to speed up cooking or reduce manual labor, Every product here is designed to improve your time in the kitchen.


Household appliances in Egypt

With us at Primo Store, cooking goes beyond the traditional, Thanks to our definitive list of the best home gadgets in Egypt here to help you enjoy them a little more, Or inspire you to buy the perfect gift for the foodie in your life,

And after YouTube inspired us to spend more time in the kitchen and try new recipes, We are willing to invest in beautiful new kitchen gadgets to spice up the experience.

Among our electrical appliances, Electric mixers and hand mixers, To the smart kitchen gadgets you never thought of using before, like meat thermometers, which you’ll want to keep scrolling to see it in its entirety through our site, Especially the elegant kitchen gadgets available to professional chefs.

Kitchen household gadgets

Our pick of the best kitchen gadgets proves that there are gadgets for every budget, too. So whether you’re looking for a smart gadget for your kitchen or splurge on someone special (or yourself!), We think you’ll love our ultimate list of great gadgets to cook with, From bread purchases to unusual kitchen gadgets and accessories, Our roundup of the best kitchen gadgets includes all the must-haves, Including high quality knives, And the perfect little buy for seafood lovers and classic items every cook needs.

rubber spoons

Having a good set of rubber spatulas in at least three sizes will save you time and money in the kitchen. Rubber spatulas are great tools when it comes to spreading seasoning on your bread or toasted sandwich.

Plastic Houseware

Whether you’re trying to spend more time in the kitchen this year, Or you’re just looking to feel some extra help, Sometimes the household items are plastic, is all you need, Thanks to the internet, Finding useful kitchen gadgets you never knew were missing in your life has never been easier. The hard part is researching the best options available – but don’t worry, Because we are here at Primo Star to help.

Litter bins

We all know what it is, We love this box for its modern look, matte gray color, and ease of opening. The foot pedal means you can open the container hygienically and won’t fumble with the lid when your hands are full. with a capacity of 30 liters, They are family sized boxes that are perfect for the kitchen, Or they can make a great recycling bin that is also easy to clean (simply wipe when needed) and has a removable inner bucket for emptying, With the height when the lid is opened to 90 cm, And the manufacturer’s warranty.

Pedal wastebasket
Pedal wastebasket

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electrical household appliances

We have curated a list of the latest electrical home appliances, appliances and products available now, We have to make your life easier, From a cutting board that makes meal prep easy to clever crushers and mashers, even a manual knife sharpener, All of which will make your cooking and meal prep experience a little easier and more enjoyable. Keep reading to shop our website and get the best home appliances in Egypt.


If you don’t already own a juicer, Buy one right away from our site! This is one of the best household items in Egypt. Not only are juicers a great tool for juicing lemons, limes, and oranges when called upon in recipes, It is also capable of juicing vegetables, It saves you time and extracts as much juice as possible. Which is something you can never achieve by juicing citrus fruits alone. And allowing you to extract juice from plants that you wouldn’t be able to juice with your old citrus juicer.

And you don’t have to worry about the seeds or pulp in the juice. Where you can use the filter on our store.

food processor

Our food processor for the few things that can be used to make hundreds of dishes or even thousands of five-star, Dishes that compete with the best international restaurants.

Turkish Housewares

chef knife

A good knife is a woman’s best friend, This is one of the few things you will thank yourself for investing in. Carbon coated stainless steel will stay sharp over time, But go to a specialty store to find your best match, Choose a knife that you feel comfortable with. And you should feel the balance in your hand, Easy to hold and control not too heavy, But it is certainly not flimsy.

Turkish Stainless Basket

This Turkish stainless steel basket is characterized by its small size to be more suitable for bathrooms and toilets.

It has a pedal to make it easier and more comfortable to use.

Turkish basket with black pedal
Turkish basket with black pedal

double soap dispenser

The double soap dispenser has two separate chambers for soap and lotion.

The included soap dish holder can be used as sponges, washers, sink stoppers, plant brushes, and scrapers in one convenient location.

Double Soap Dispenser With Sponge Holder For Kitchen
Double Soap Dispenser With Sponge Holder For Kitchen

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kitchen shears

Scissors are useful for opening packages. or cut the stems of herbs, or trim fat from meat, And from time to time, You can use it to slice a whole chicken or trim the crust from a pie. Just find a pair that comes apart for cleaning so that no sticky material builds up in the hinge.

Iron frying pan – stainless steel meat hammer

Made with thick and heavy bottoms and sides, Stainless steel frying pans can heat evenly at high temperatures and retain heat for a long time. They give a nice sear to a steak or scallop, They go straight into the oven, So use them to make bread or make popcorn (and all these other delights).

They have a good rustic look that can go straight from the stove to the table top, last but not least, They are nearly indestructible, and learn how to take care of you properly, It will last for life

Meat hammer stainless steel
Meat hammer stainless steel


Wash fruits and drain pasta, vegetables and other boiled foods. Inside that simple filter, that can balance on the edges of my pelvis, But the classic colander with a foot is good, Always get a metal strainer as it is stronger than plastic.

Automatic fragrant spray

It can be used for 60 days. The spray contains 3 layers of scent to achieve the desired fragrance level.

Use a variety of different fragrances

Giving your place a fresh scent gains confidence knowing that your home is always welcome and enjoyable for family and unexpected guests.

Automatic perfume spray
Automatic perfume spray

spice storage box

Distinctive and transparent boxes for storing spices.. To make a modern and modern kitchen.

  • Made of high quality plastic – durable and modern, It is durable and resistant to flaking, stains and fading that occur in a kitchen environment. It features a clear view of the interior spices, Easy to find the product you want.
Plastic spice storage box
Plastic spice storage box

You can easily contact us through the store

Primo Store

Our Primo Store website provides you with the finest household appliances in Egypt, via an online portal, easy to use, With an advanced interface that is suitable for every client, You can also choose the products easily, and add it to the cart, In addition to the ease of communication with customer service.

All prices on the website are very accurate, At the time this article was published, But it may change over time.

Our site includes very interesting items! This list contains not only the essentials, It even includes additional cooking equipment to make eating at home so much easier!

gold bathroom set
gold bathroom set
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