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Primo Store Home Appliances is a comprehensive platform that includes many household items, kitchen and bathroom accessories, The site contains a huge kitchen utensils collection, Whether you are looking to complete your bathroom, Or decorate a newly remodeled kitchen.

Or you are looking for a gift for a acquaintance, Or a thoughtful gift for a talented chef – there’s always something special here waiting for you, For anyone and every place in your home, Where kitchen utensils are always a great and worthwhile investment because everyone is eating, Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy cooking and it’s still best to spend time in stylish kitchens, And it’s always easier to have the tools to make the process as fun and interesting as possible.



Our goal is to help people buy beautiful household items, easy to use, And to offer you inspiring bathroom accessories for modern and classic homes, specified areas, to fit new designs, In addition to providing all adequate information about the available products, And providing our services to all Egyptians right up to the door of the house.

our vision

In addition to our passion for modern designs and home appliances, We also want to offer the world premium products made in the largest factories at an affordable cost, We provide you with the best home appliances of well-made materials, And high quality.


Our message

Home Appliances website Primo Store offers the best possible service to all Egyptians.

Where we provide them with all the modern household utensils in addition to, We help you solve the problem of communication with Turkish factories, We provide you with all Turkish toolsAnd we offer you quotations for all Turkish materials, goods and tools.

We consider your help as an incentive to work harder.

Our products

Update your kitchen with modern bathroom décor and accessories from Primo Store, andBrowse our modern bathroom decor and accessories online, Bring your bathroom to life with new bathroom décor and accessories. Here are some of the items you can buy online and in our stores right now:

· Modern bathroom accessories.

· Modern kitchen utensils.

· Bathroom sets of all kinds.

· Turkish household items.

We have covered all your home needs. Whether you’re shopping for essentials like shower curtains or putting the perfect touch on your kitchen, or your bathroom, And anywhere else in the house.

bathroom accessories

Our advantages:

  • Our products meet the highest standards, We provide fast and accurate delivery.
  • We promise that you will have a wonderful buying experience.
  • Everyone can pay, No matter where they are in the world.
  • We offer you opportunities to cooperate with us in order to grow your company.

Shop from Primo Store online today to find decor and accessories that beautify your home.

Authenticity is our goal

Shopping for your favorite brands should be a simple and trustworthy experience. This is why we endorse and stand behind all the products available on our site, Our mission is to provide the best shopping experience with the latest products from your favorite brands.

More about us

Our company is a family business focused on providing high-quality, long-lasting, low-cost household appliances. One of the leading companies in homeware products and accessories for kitchens and bathrooms, Shop from our selection of hundreds of items available for immediate purchase and use, And if we don’t have what you need, We will find it for you.

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